Hi my name is Dirk Wolf, nice to meet you.
I’m a musician, producer and  recording & mixing engineer based in Groningen, netherlands
any place 

I run a portable studio, which provides the option to record at any place where there’s power. This means that we can record at your home, office ( yes I have done this), rehearsal space or where ever you feel comfortable. Of course I have to asses the space beforehand to see if the room acoustics are suited for a recording session. Otherwise we can record at MON , Bieslookstraat 23, Groningen or any studio to your liking. 

What is a recording engineer?

That is the person that records you or your band with microphones. This is something that takes practice and knowledge to get the best possible sound from the source. If something isn’t recorded properly it will never live up to it’s full potential. Moving a microphone a few inches can change a sound radically.

What’s a mixing engineer?

Now that your performance is recorded it has to be mixed. Mixing is making things sound punchy, warm, bright, agressive, mellow, big, small, what ever suits your needs. This can be done with EQ, compression, saturation and reverb etc. Mixing makes things work together sonically.
This is also an art form that takes a lot knowledge and practice.

What does a producer do?

For me a producer is someone that can help get the best out an artist. Someone who can give an outside perspective on a songs performance, structure and sound. This helpt to prevent some unseen pitfalls and takes the song to the next level.
When I’m producing an artist I like to see myself as a person that is there to take away the brainfog and give some ideas how the song can be improved. To me this should be a somewhat passive role since the final product should be something that the artist is satisfied with, not just the producer.

My sound

Punchy and clear but also natural and dynamic is what i like to go . A modern sound.
The guitars are loud when they need to be loud and nice and soft when the songs ask for it. When I record a band I tend to go for a natural sound that makes use of the sound of the room it is recorded in. This way you get al the punch and clarity from your close mics on drums but get character from the added room mics. It of course all depends on the sound that you’re going for. Dry and tight 70’s, clean pop, or aggressive metal drums, it’s all possible if you have the right tools.
Overdubbing guitars/vocals to make them ticker, fuller and make your song come to life.

Even though i’m known for working with indie/rock artists, I like producing any genre of music.  I love a clean pop production layered with samples, tuned vocals, lofi beats or any form of hip hop.


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recording & mixing credits

Recording, mixing & producing credits

MONOWOLF-zoning out

Recording, mixing & producing credits

Recording, mixing & producing credits

Statera- Regret
Statera- Slowdrive

            Recording, mixing & producing credits.

                               mixing credits

for booking a recording/mixing session and for more information please contact me at:

Payment for a  recording session is to be completed one week before the session. 

You must give at least 48 hours notice if to cancel a studio session; otherwise, there will be a 25% cancellation fee. This also applies to rescheduling & canceling a second session.
If a cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior to a session, I reserve the right to collect a 35% fee.
Not showing up on the recording session without notice wil result in a collection of 50% of the session fee.

Past Due Payments
If payment is past due, immediate collection and legal action may begin. In addition to the studio charges, you are responsible for all legal and collection fees, if applicable. Invoices more than 30 days past due incur an additional interest charge. 

Broken Equipment during recording session.
If equipment is broken by anyone but the recording engineer, the artist/band will be charged for either repair or replacement costs.

Studio time
Studio time includes, setting up & breaking down equipment, soundcheck, coffee breaks etc.