Every project requires a custom approach.
It would be wrong to charge a singer/songwriter song with one vocal and an acoustic guitar the same as a rock band with a grand production.
Before recording a single note we discuss your budget and what you have in mind. This way we can work with the budget you have.
A €250  budget won’t be enough if you want multiple layers of guitars, vocals etc. but can be suited to record some vocals for a rap beat!

I am a musician myself and know how much musicians are taken advantage off so i try to offer a fair deal and manage expectations if budgets are limited.
Sending in a demo is very helpfull for me to see what budget can achieve the end result you want.

Generally speaking pricing starts from €200/day
Hourly rates outside of packages are:
-Mixing €40/ hour
-Recording: €50/ hour
-Attended mixing session: €45/ hour

all prices are ex btw/tax